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Cooperation with PFRR

On 19.12.2007, at the headquarters of RCS Białystok, took place a meeting, on which were discussed the potentialities of cooperation between Stowarzyszenie Klaster Spożywczy „Naturalnie z Podlasia!” and Podlaska Fundacja Rozwoju Regionalnego.
At the meeting PFRR and RCS were represented by: A. Parafiniuk, M. Dźwigaj, B. Sokół, R. Girejko, K. Baczyńska, while Stowarzyszenie Klaster Spożywczy „Naturalnie z Podlasia!” was represented by : E. Puławska-Breś, S. Jasiński, J. Jakuć, G. Płosińska-Mosiej, B. Odachowski, A. Borowski,  J. Kaczyński, G. Borkowski, M. Łukjańczuk, J. Wesołowski, K. Miliszewska.


The agenda of the meeting included:

  • How to finance the development of firms in food industry? - A. Parafiniuk – presentation of financial tools available at PFRR, i.e. Loan Fund, Podlaskie Region Guaranty Fund and Capital Fund
  • Presentation of Stowarzyszenie Klaster Spożywczy „Naturalnie z Podlasia!” - E. Puławska-Breś – history of foundation, the mission and members of the cluster
  • How to get resources for cluster development? Practical perspective - M. Dźwigaj, B. Sokół – presentation of  Regional Funding Institution (history, looking at grants from system and beneficiary perspective, short description of  PO IG) and an offer of EuroInfo Centre (on February 2008 will be merged with IRC network)
  • Research and trainings for Stowarzyszenie Klaster Spożywczy „Naturalnie z Podlasia!” - R. Girejko, K. Baczyńska – presentation of the research on development strategy of  Podlaski Klaster Obróbki Metali, presentation of RCS Białystok (short history, consulting – training projects, consulting projects).

During the meeting it was proposed to establish a long-term cooperation between the association and PFRR (partnership in the field of acquiring and implementing grants). Details of this cooperation will be elaborated and forwarded to the association at the beginning of January 2008.