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Nomination in the competition Podlaskie Region Brand of the Year 2007

On the 21st of February 2008, after finishing the official presentation, chapter of the competition Podlaskie Region Brand of the Year 2007 decided on nominating for the main prizes the following products.


Category IDEA:

Days of modern art – Cultural Centre in Białystok (BOK)

“Days of modern art” is a festival already existing in the awareness of inhabitants of Białystok. This event takes place incessantly for 22 years now and the Cultural Centre in Białystok (BOK) is its originator and organizer. This festival is at present the only drama event in our city presenting the condition of the alternative theatre, and is an important comment in the dialogue of the Polish alternative environment. Its main purpose is to offer its recipients a feast for the spirit through a wide presentation of the most interesting phenomena of the contemporary theatre. Unconventional and experimental character of the theatre activity is an important criterion of the selection of artists. In the main program there are: theatre and music shows, alternative theatre, outdoor events. In the extended program there are: artistic cinema, contemporary dance, ballet on the screen, literature.

Cluster initiative "Naturalnie z Podlasia!" –  Association Food Cluster "Naturalnie z Podlasia!"

The Association Food Cluster "Naturalnie z Podlasia!" is an initiative gathering enterprises, scientific institutions, representatives of the local government and organizations from Podlaskie Voivodeship. The aim of the association is to shape image, promote, raise innovativeness and competitiveness of companies, their products and services.

Organizing the 94th World Esperanto Congress in Białystok –  Municipal Office in Białystok

The World Esperanto Association positively evaluated the offer made by the City of Białystok and gave it the right to organize the 94th World Esperanto Congress in Białystok. It includes 7 congressional days spent in Białystok by c 3000 participants from 60-70 countries of the world in the atmosphere of a festivity of Polish and Esperanto culture. The congress is ultimately supposed to show the organizers of events from different fields, that the city has an infrastructure enabling to organize mass parties for many thousand participants, and a diverse offer of recreation and entertainment in the city is able to meet the guests’ expectations. 

Category TASTE:

Ham from Puńsk – Old Polish Delicatessen “Lech”, Lech Zwolan

Ham from Puńsk is produced according to the Old Polish, traditional recipe. Careful selection of raw materials and spices guarantees its outstanding taste and aroma. Ham from Puńsk is pickled in brine for many days, by means of a method using aromatic herbs, growing in forests of the Podlasie, in the area of the Green Lungs of Poland. Traditional smoking – using cold smoke – lasts for three days. We use only oakwood, which gives the ham an exceptionally intense smell of smoke and herbs. Distinctive features of the ham are a dark colour coming from the process of smoking and an unforgettable long staying aroma and taste.

Tartar dessert “Listkowiec” with the tea “Kruszynianka” –  Farm tourism “Tatarska Jurta”

It is a divided in a few parts and very thinly rolled yeast cake. Separate pies are folded and poured with molten butter. Give the curd cheese or poppy into the last pie and roll it all up. Bake it 2 hours in the roasting tin. We serve it with a specially brewed tea – Kruszynianka.

Roasted carp with boletus – House of Creative Work in Wigry

For the preparation we need: carp (about 2 kg), dried mushrooms, (of course in the mushroom season the best addition will be mushrooms gathered in nearby forests), salt, pepper, parsley leaves, onion, cream, lemon juice, butter, dill.Rub the whole carp with spices and bake in the oven, stir-fry onion with boletus, add cream, next add it all to the carp and bake for a moment. Serve the carp on a platter covered with boletus.Serve with Riesling, Sauvignon or Chardonnay wine. But in case of this dish try a lemon-flavoured vodka, which emphasizes an oriental taste of the dish.


Category PLACE:

Revived Urban Market – Municipal Office in Białystok

On Friday evening of October the 19th, 2007, took place a ceremonial opening of situated in the centre of Białystok, the revived urban market.  The market is a part – who knows whether not the most important – of a project of reconstruction of the Market of Kościuszko. The modernised Urban Market became a place of meetings for the inhabitants of Białystok and a place where are organized different parties and festivities.

Agroarena in Szepietowo – The Podlaskie Region Centre of Agricultural Consultancy in Szepietowo

AGROARENA is a name of showgrounds and experimental fields of The Podlaskie Region Centre of Agricultural Consultancy in Szepietowo, and is a format of the organization of promotional-agricultural parties and agricultural presentations. The mobility, the innovation and the perfection of organizational actions as well as the cooperation with NGOs and professional organizations of farmers led to an acknowledgement of “magic of Szepietowo” as a place of the best agricultural parties.

Pedestrian boulevards along the river Netta and lake Necko in Augustów – Municipal Office in Augustów

Pedestrian Boulevards along the river Netta and the lake Necko in Augustów comprise of: boulevards along the river Netta and the lake Necko, the Radio Three Pier along the lake Necko and the Electric ski lift of water-skis.Renovated and restored Boulevards along the river Netta and the lake Necko have over 4 km in length. They run along rivers Netta on the both of its sides and along forested Necko lakeside. While walking or cycling it is worth stopping by located near the Boulevards the Radio Three Pier and Electric ski lift of water-skis.The new Pier on the lake Necko was put into operation in June of 2007. Its area is c 3000 square km. Piers are 147 metres wide and go 90 metres into the lake.The length of the Electric ski lift of water-skis is 740 m, the maximum speed a skier can reach is 58 km/h. 8 persons can use the ski lift at the same time.  


We will get to know the final count during a grand Finale Gala which will take place on March the 15th, 2008, in the Opera House and Philharmonic Orchestra of the Podlaskie Region. We will learn then which nominated have received title of the Taste, the Place and the Idea of the Year of the Podlaskie region, as well as who received the I and the II distinguishing. 


It is still possible to vote in an Internet opinion poll until March the 10th. 


Source: Wrota Podlasia