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Membership benefits

Development and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of operating on market, available only to cluster initiatives (EU programmes, training programmes, etc.).


Together stronger                                      
The association represents interests of its members in relations with public and self-government authorities, etc. Membership to a strong group gives an opportunity to influence the development of food industry.

Group of producers                                   
Benefits from co-operating in a group of producers, improvement of  work effectiveness and co-operation between the members, i.a.: cooperation in the field of promotion, technology, organization, personnel, IT, etc.


Benefits from cooperating in a group, regarding pro-export and export activities on new markets. Promotion of products of the companies that are members of the association, joint export strategy, participating in trade fairs, business missions, etc.


Research and Development                      
Better access to knowledge and activities of  research and development centers. Access to market researches, marketing surveys, technological support, know-how.


Brand „Naturalnie z Podlasia!”               
Benefits from marking your best products with prestige brand „Naturalnie z Podlasia!”. Supporting the promotional and marketing activities for brands and products of companies– members of the association.