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About us

Cluster’s mission                                                  
Establishing and developing a strong and innovative organization from Podlasie region, as well as promoting good food. Naturalnie z Podlasia – products originating from a clean region, made with regard to their highest quality. 


Association “Naturalnie z Podlasia!”
Stowarzyszenie Klaster Spożywczy „Naturalnie z Podlasia!” is an  initiative concentrating companies and organizations operating in Podlaskie Voivodeship. The aim of the association is to shape image, promote, raise innovativeness and competitiveness of companies, their products and services.

The association, based in Białystok, was established during foundation meeting on May the 7th,  2007. It gained legal personality on the day of registration, that is on August the 8th,  2007.


Together stronger                                      
Cluster initiative „Naturalnie z Podlasia” is all about cooperation of companies in order to develop regional products and services, which will lead to reinforcing their position on domestic and foreign market.
The main aims of the association are i.a.:

  • dynamic development of companies (members of the association) and improvement of  their operating effectiveness
  • raising innovativeness and competitiveness of the companies on domestic and foreign market 
  • implementation of innovative solutions
  • representing interests of members of the association in relations with public and self-government authorities, as well as domestic or foreign associations and organizations  
  • promoting Podlasie region
  • developing a strong local brand
  • establishing marketing, legal and financial base for members of the association 
  • promotion of knowledge concerning nutrition and human health, as well as protection of natural environment