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How to join the association?

Just contact us:


Sławomir Jasiński
tel: +48 608 040 903


Vice President of the Board:
Leszek Krzyżkowiak


Member of the Board:
Bogusław Odachowski


Member of the Board:

Grzegorz Borkowski


Who can join the association?
Members of the association may be natural person or companies and institutions from Podlaskie Voivodeship.


What are the forms of membership of the association?
three forms of membership:
- ordinary member (natural person)
- supporting member (companies and institutions)
- honorary member (institutions, associations, natural person, etc.)


Is accession chargeable?
Members of the association work for its benefit on a voluntary basis, however pay standard registration fee and annual fees, which are symbolic for natural person, whereas when it comes to companies, their amount depends on the number of employees.


What are the main benefits from marking products with brand “Naturalnie z Podlasia!”?
The brand „Naturalnie z Podlasia!” is a regional make, a certification mark for the best products. It is being promoted by the association and all supporting organizations, both on Polish and foreign market. The association is the owner of the brand „Naturalnie z Podlasia!”, which is legally protected at Polish Patent Office.